Frequently Asked Questions

1- What are surveys and why can I get paid to take them?

Surveys are questionnaires that give companies the data they need about the thinking and spending habits of the consumers that use their products and services. It is much cheaper for a company to find out what consumers want through surveys, than to waste money on advertising and stockpile products that nobody is going to buy. Every single product you see in a store, is carefully tested before it is even offered to the general public. If it were not for consumers like you, who are willing to share their opinions, than companies would have a hard time knowing what products and services they should offer.

2- What is a " Focus Group" ? How long are they?

A focus group or panel is a specific group of people, usually lead by a moderator or organizer, selected for an in-depth discussion about a product or service being evaluated. Focus groups and panels can be conducted in person at a variety of locations, on the telephone, and through chat rooms online. Focus groups generally last for 1-2 hours and pay as much as $150 an hour.

3- How do paid survey companies pay you?

Paid Survey Companies conduct market research on behalf of companies that produce products and sell services. They offer you cash and prizes in exchange for your time and consumer opinions. Companies are constantly trying to improve their products, and before they launch a new product and an expensive advertising campaign, they need to know about consumer preferences. Online surveys are an easy way for collecting consumer opinions to guide these companies. In exchange for your opinions they will compensate you with cash, prizes, or sweepstakes entries. Some of them even send you sample products, and pay you to conduct product evaluations.

4- How much money can you make taking paid surveys?

Typical cash paying surveys take 10 to 30 minutes to complete, and the cash paying surveys generally reward you $2 to $50 or possible more for every survey you complete. Others may give you gift certificates or enter you into sweepstakes for cash or prizes. Some sites occasionally offer focus groups. These usually lasts 1 or 2 hours, but generally pay more than $50.

5- Why do survey panels ask for personal information? Is it safe?

Survey Panels ask for personal information like age, hobbies, number of children, annual income, etc. so that they can build a database of people and their coresponding demographic information. This allows the market research panels to match potential survey takers with the product or service being studied. Music videos, for example, are more likely to be viewed by young people than by older people, so that in a survey about music videos, it would be important to ask the respondent for his or her age.

6- Some survey panels may ask for your address for several purposes--to send a new product to your home to test or to send you an incentive for completing the survey.

The important thing to remember is that respondents' names and other identifying information are kept strictly confidential. Most respected market research panels follow CASRO's Code of Standards for Survey Research. This code must be followed by all CASRO members as a condition of membership and requires survey research companies to protect the identities of respondents, and to insure that individuals and their responses cannot be related.

7- Will survey panels try to sell me things?

No. survey panels are only interested in summarized information on the attitudes, opinions, market practices, etc. of the sampled consumer groups. Some panels may offer you gift rewards or products to try as part of a study, however sales or solicitation is not acceptable or permitted in legitimate and professionally conducted survey research.

8- Are there Paid Survey Sites for Teens under 18?

Yes, their are several survey panels that accept teens 13 and older. For a list of legitimate paid survey panels that teens can join, please check out our teen surveys page.

9- How many surveys can I expect to receive per month?

The number of surveys you will receive depends on your demographic profile. Survey panels conduct different studies for different customers, and each study will generally target a particular segment of population depending on the requirements of the client. For instance a survey study about a new shaving gel would target adult males, while a study about a new portable digital music player may target teens and young adults. The number of surveys you will receive also depends on the survey panel as well. Some survey panels will send more frequent survey invitations than others. The best way to ensure that you receive the maximum number of paid surveys is to join as many of the recommended paid survey sites as you have time for and to complete your various profiles for each survey panel. The profiles are very important because they help the survey companies match the surveys to the desired segment of the population as required by the study.

10- How much money can you make taking paid surveys?
Typical cash paying surveys take 10 to 30 minutes to complete, and the cash paying surveys generally reward you $2 to $50 or possible more for every survey you complete. Others may give you gift certificates or enter you into sweepstakes for cash or prizes. Some sites occasionally offer focus groups. These usually lasts 1 or 2 hours, but generally pay more than $50.

11- How long are the surveys and what kind of questions do they ask?

Surveys can last anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour, with 15 minutes being the average length of a survey. They can ask a wide range of questions such as- Why you would use one brand of perfume over another? Would you buy a certain hamburger because it was cheaper or tasted better than another? How many movies do you rent every month to watch at home?

12- Do I need a to own computer? What about specific software or programs?

Many of our members choose to take surveys anywhere there is public computer access such as public libraries. There are no special programs or software that are required to take surveys. In addition to taking surveys on the computer, with our program you will have access to surveys over the telephone, through the mail, and in person in the form of focus groups.

13- How much will I make? Is there a limit to the amount of surveys I can take?

How much you make will depend on a couple of factors with the main one being the time and effort you put in. You could make anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. There are no limits to the amount of surveys you can take and focus groups you can participate in. It is important to register with as many companies as possible in order to get the maximum amount of surveys. Every company compensates it's survey participants in different ways. Aside from cash, many will give you free products or gift certificates, give you " points " that can be redeemed for cash and prizes, and enter you into drawings to win cash or prizes.

14- How will I get paid? Who will pay me? Does provide the surveys?

You will be paid by the companies offering the surveys and hosting the focus groups. UnlimitedPaidSurveys is not a survey or market research company, we provide access to our large database of these companies who will provide the surveys for you. These companies will pay you directly in one of two ways. Either in the form of a check mailed to you or direct deposited into your bank account via paypal. You will always know in advance how and when you will be compensated by each company, respectively.

15- Do I have to pay tax on the money I make?

You would be considered an " independent contractor "if you are a citizen of the United States. A company that pays you over $600 a year is required to send a U.S. tax Form 1099. If you are not a U.S. citizen or resident you would have to check out what the tax laws are in your respective country of residency. In either case you should seek the advice of an accountant or other tax professional to find out how tax laws apply to you.

16- If I don't live in the United States or am not a U.S. resident- Can I still become a member?

Yes, you can become a member no matter where you live in the world. Many of the companies in our database are in other countries so there is no shortage of surveys. These companies still need the opinions of people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

17- Do I have to be a certain age or fit a certain profile to take surveys?

Some of the companies require you to be 18 years old, but this is no problem as long as your parents sign you up. Many consumers are under 18 years old and companies need your opinions as much as adults. There is no certain profile required to take surveys. However, in some cases a certain " profile " may be required for a particular survey. For example, a certain survey may be open to, single males ages 18-35, who drink beer. While another may open to married females. Many surveys are available to everybody, no matter what their " profile " is.

18- How do I know this program will be right for me?

This program works for everybody for the simple fact that you do not need to possess any special skills and there are no time requirements. They have employees to handle the complicated jobs that require special skills such as sales, finance, accounting, and human resources. Anyway, their employees would not give them an " objective " opinion. They need an objective opinion from someone like you to give them the unbiased information that they require. Also, there are not any time constraints with survey-taking. You decide how much you want to work and when!

19- What is the cost of the program?

For a limited time, its free to Join. You will get full access to our members area for life. This area is updated on a regular basis and you can be sure you will be the first to know about all the latest, highest paying surveys.

20- Should I be worried about privacy issues?

Our database only uses market research companies with the strictest privacy policies that you are welcome to read. They would never give out any private information for the simple reason that it is consumers like you and me that keep them in business. As long as you stick to the companies that we supply you with you will never have any problems.

21. How do I refer a Friend?

Please go to the Refer Friends tab and you will be provided with a link to give to your friends. Once they visit this link and sign up for a Free account you will be credited for the referral. You may also use our Banner images with link code to post on a website.

22. Why do I get paid for sharing my opinion and filling out surveys?

Companies spend Billions of dollars a year trying to convince consumers that their products are the best and to buy their products and services. They achieve this by getting an understanding how people think and shop. Knowing this, companies are willing to pay you for your opinions. Overall your opinion could help the companies to upgrade their products and services.

23. If I have a busy schedule, will I have enough time to do this?

One of the advantages of taking surveys online is that you can do them at your convenience. That is one of the best parts about surveys and why it's the easiest way for the average person to make some extra cash. You can do it at your own pace. If you have an extra 30 minutes in the morning before you go off to work, you can do a few surveys then. If you have any other spare time throughout the day you can do them and earn money. The great thing about this is that if you get busy with other things and don't have any time to do surveys for awhile, that is okay. You can decide when you want to do them. You can do surveys when it's convenient for you.

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